Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Journalism and Ethics in Today’s World

How has our evolving technological world affected journalism and ethics?

While thinking about what I should research for my topic, I was playing around with a bunch of different ideas. I knew I wanted it to be about Journalism, but what, I thought to myself. In my Journalism 200 class I am writing a research paper on Walter Cronkite. He was what most people referred to as, “the most trusted man in America”. Then it dawned on me, where have all the Walter Cronkite’s gone? How come our world today does not have one journalist whom we all turn to for our news?

Technology and journalism ethics, do they mix like oil and water?

Before we had technology, we lived in a simpler world. Now we have new devices popping up daily! As a whole we have become more and more separated as technology increases. We don’t get our news from one source like Uncle Walter and we have so many different news outlets. What I want to explore, is has technology caused journalists to be less ethical? In my opinion, journalism has to change with the times; it has to keep up with such a fast paced lifestyle where certain things can be left at the door.

What about leaving technology behind, and just focusing on Journalism and Ethics?

As a person concerned with doing good in this world, and a firm believing in what is right and wrong… I have realized that Journalism can be a dog eats dog industry, with people just trying to get the best story. I have always been curious about the ethical means behind journalism. I want to gain a better understanding for journalism as a whole and gain insight to the workings of real journalists. Can journalism be 100% ethical? Or is journalism and ethics and oxymoron? 

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